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“Flower Essences cure by flooding our bodies with beautiful vibrations of Higher
Nature in the presence
of which melt dis-ease like snow in the sunshine.”
Dr. Bach

Flower essences are a liquid potentized life force
from plant blossoms.  This life force energy,
when taken into our own field,
raises our vibration to its level.

In doing so it clears out old patterns from our emotional & mental bodies
and our subconscious minds as well as cellular memory. Flower Essences
help by teaching our being a new way of existing. Many new essences now
being made, to assist in facilitating the ever changing frequencies of the
new energies coming onto the Planet.

Life force energy is what gives plants, animals and people their vitality.
The existence of energy fields around plants, people and other living
things has been demonstrated by Kirlian photography. You may have
seen one picture that shows light glowing around a leaf, while a second
taken after, part of the leaf was cut away, shows light still glowing around
he whole leaf even the portion that is no longer there.

In making flower essences, the life force energy of the plant is captured
by picking flowers at dawn at the peak of their vitality. They are placed in
a clear bowl of water in the sunlight for several hours. The resulting liquid
is enhanced in a variety of ways, diluted, strengthen several times, and
then bottled. The Essence Practitioner selects and mixes the appropriate
flower essences for your particular challenges. You usually need to take
the personalized formula several times a day or as advised by your
Flower Essence Practitioner.


You may also decide that a personal blend would
be best for you or your loved ones.  There are
many issues that flower essences can be of
assistance with. If you have any questions,
please feel free to reach
me through the “Contact Us” page

DaKara Kies
Flower Essence Practitioner
P.O. Box 4338
Everett, WA 98204