Green Polka Dots and…

Green Polka Dots and Raspberry Licorice

DJ set an appointment as she felt she was blocking the flow of money in her life.

We started by clearing interfering energies as there was a feeling that something deeper was causing the block.  Having DJ hold the HPT pose we called forth the Angels of light, Archangel Michael for clearing to remove any interfering energies and aberrant patterns, I commanded Holy Spirit Light to clear the path to see deeper what was holding DJ back from her flow of money.

To move into a deeper space, I had DJ write out this statement with her dominate hand.  “What part of me is afraid to love myself?”  Self love is so important on so many levels and when we block ourselves from receiving love and loving ourselves we can also block the flow of money or sustenance.

DJ felt it was a vulnerable part of her self that was blocking her flow. She felt this energy in her face cheeks (wanted to be clear which set of cheeks).  This was at a rating of a 6 on a scale of 1-10 (1=low and 10=high intensity).  We asked what was needed for healing that vulnerable part shared it needed Love and bubble gum.

Holding the HPT pose we called forth the energy of Self Love and bubble gum and brought that energy down into the face cheeks.  DJ also received a message as the energy came down.  “Stop worrying about the money and have more fun in your life.”  The guides jokingly said – chew that bubble gum honey! This brought DJ’s rating down to a 0.

Next layer we asked with the dominate hand, “What part of me is secretly sabotaging myself and my flow?” The little saboteur came in showing itself in the head, higher up in the cheek bones and needed green polka dots and the scent of raspberry licorice for healing. This had a rating of an 8, so we called forth the energy and brought it down into the heart with it radiating back up to the cheek bones, this dropped it to a .5. (1/2 point)  yet…

The energy shifted and moved to the top of the eyebrows and behind the eye sockets and was hitting the rating scale at an 8.  We then asked if there was a gatekeeper and it said “ha ha”.  We asked the gatekeeper what it needed for healing.  The gatekeeper shared that it needed to be validated, lovingly rocked and was laughing because we figured it out.  My intuition also shared that we needed to plant a seed of love into the gatekeeper’s heart, to support its transition back into light.

I had DJ hold the pose as I chanted the energy needed down through the points, visualizing the gatekeeper moving into Mother Azna’s arms and being rocked gently.  I saw a sweet seed of love drop down into the gatekeepers heart as it simply disappeared from Azna’s loving arms. DJ shared that even though there was first a feeling of intense sadness, the gatekeeper knew it was now time to move on to another purpose and was grateful for the seed of love it felt in its heart.

DJ felt a huge shift throughout her being.  When I asked how she felt about being in the flow of money she said “I can now move forward, knowing and trusting that I am in the flow of all that is mine by divine right”.  I felt a peace come over DJ.

A couple of weeks after our appointment, DJ emailed me sharing that she had received more tips in the past couple of weeks than she had in a long time!

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