I’m afraid to have money…

I’m afraid to have money because?

BK called to set an appointment, fear was overwhelming her.  Bills were piling up and there was energy of not wanting to be on the planet any longer. BK felt stuck in life, her money was not flowing and she felt an underlying fear of failure.

Clearing interfering energies is vital to feeling present and in the flow.  Having BK hold the HPT pose we called forth the Angels of light, Archangel Michael to clear and remove any aberrant patterns or interfering energies.  I called forth Mother Azna and commanded by the power of Holy Spirit Light that all energies not serving BK’s highest and best, be removed now.

BK wrote out this question with her dominate hand “I’m afraid to have money because?”  Non-dominate responded: Success is scary and I would be embarrassed by the wealth. I asked BK where she felt this energy in her body.

The energy was living between her eyes and in the third eye area, it was like a thick crude oil that created a film over her vision. When asked what it needed for healing the energy shared: Acknowledgement and protection in the color orange. This energy had a rating of an 8/9 (on scale of 1-10, 1 being low and 10 high).

Chanting An Nur to call forth the needed energy into her high self point and then down into the crown and into the eye points, I could see the soft orange transparent energy filled with acknowledgement and protection fill her entire eye system, the energy traveled down into the deepest wisdom of her heart and spot lighted back up to the eyes.  BK felt the film melt to a zero but felt the energy shift into her throat, tracked back to some early childhood abuse, rating this new energy at a 10+.

The energy of panic flooded BK and she could hear her inner critic screaming at her – “you piece of trash, you don’t matter, you’ve never mattered, you should not have been born”. We held this wounded inner child up to the light for healing and blessed it, asking Mother Azna to hold BK and rock her, to bring back a layer of innocence energy that was shown to be robbed from her as a child.

I had BK hold the HPT pose and asked her inner child what it needed. Little BK asked for soft pink light with sparkles and a prismatic glow and the sound of pan flutes playing in the back ground. Chanting Leila and An Nur to bring down the light of healing for little BK the energy shifted to a 0.

BK now felt a pain in her heart, a pain of missing out on so much in life. She felt she had lost so much in her childhood (emotionally) and never felt supported or loved.  She could not see her own potential.

Chanting An Nur as Azna continued to hold and rock her. The energy of fulfillment and desire floated back into BK’s heart. To finish up I was guided to chant Al Haqq three times (loudly and powerfully) this cleared the balance pain in BK’s heart. Rating in throat and heart 0.

Asking BK to tune back into her eyes she observed that there were now holes in the film around her eyes and felt that some time was needed to process.

BK did feel she now had hope about her path and future. She could now see the potential in herself that others had seen for years.  She felt a stirring of ‘flow’ radiating from within, which placed a smile on her lips. BK no longer felt a fear around failure and felt ready to take on her day with joy and peace!

BK shared that she felt her vision was clearer (a couple weeks after our appointment BK shared that her physical vision had improved and she needed to change her glasses prescription to a lower one) YES!

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