Headache Gone in a Flash!


Headache Gone in a Flash!!

Julie contacted me for a healing session as she had had a headache for the past 48 hours and this was not a normal state of being for her.

I asked Julie if there had been additional stresses in her life recently and she said yes, but did not feel those were contributing to the headache.

Using a protocol from the HPT Inspiration for physical healing, I had Julie hold the HPT pose and we commanded Holy Spirit Light to come forth and show us what was behind this headache.  We asked what part of Julie knowingly or unknowingly needs this condition.

Julie felt a twinge in her lower back and in additional pressure in her sinuses.  When I asked what a rating of these energies felt like Julie said 10 plus! (well it was a much bigger number, but need to keep this in a frame of work.)

Julie stated that they both just needed light to help.  Julie held the HPT pose and we sent light to both her lower back and sinuses, this shifted the rating down to an 8.

I felt that this issue was much deeper, so I had Julie relax and guided her through the Soul Mastery Meditation. In the meditation, Julie’s soul came running to her, like two long lost friends, they embraced and gazed deeply into each others eyes.  Julie felt a deep loving presence and connection with her soul and sharing of unconditional love from the heart centers.

Julie’s Soul kneeled to her, and shared that she could release the fear she has around her new found path of being a Shaman. The two of them we will journey together on this new path.  Julie felt like she and her soul became one.  She also felt a deep alignment with all that is. Julie also described the experience as “All nice and warm”

As I guided Julie out of the meditation, she exclaimed!  “My headache is gone!” and the rating had dropped to a zero.

Julie had an underling fear of the unknown.  She is preparing to embark on a new journey in her life, one that had been resisted and looked down upon by her family her whole life.   Julie’s heritage as a Native American is in perfect alignment with being a Shaman she now knows and feels she is ready.

Julie is signed up for a nine month class that starts this Saturday. Julie is now extremely excited about moving forward on her Shaman path.

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