Potential to SHINE


Summer Solstice
Discover How to Shine Brighter!

Unlock your Potential to SHINE Your
Light to the World in new Magical ways!

Are you hiding your light from yourself?

Discover how to unlock a Wisdom Code within
that supports you in SHINING brighter
that you even thought possible!

Relinquish Gatekeepers, Belief Keepers that are
holding your life hostage. Are you ready to transform?
What is your heart is calling for this new energy and light
to be anchored within!

NEW healing processes working with the mid brain
to clear, active and create a magnetic field to attract.

We will come together to clear, heal and release the old to allow
your light to shine in new creative ways. Creating an
morphogenic field of light all around you, for manifesting your
hearts desires, creating more peace, love and balance in your life.

During this powerful 90 minute class we transformed aspects of self that are
anchored in old issues, energies and challenges. Come to the class with an issue or fears
of shining to bright! A list of habits, patterns or energies you are ready to be done with!

We created sacred space and work with the elements to clear and
release the old and create a beautiful space for the new!
So what do you want?  Bring that list to the class too!  We will weave those
new wishes, desires and dreams into the morphogenic field and your mid brain.


Energy Exchange only $97.00
Value $127.00

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