Dead Fathers Message…


Dead Fathers Message of Forgiveness

A new client, Sally set up an appointment to address some issues around feeling stuck being depressed and feeling as if she was treading water and not moving forward in her life.

I started by asking Sally what she wanted to get inspired about?  Sally wanted to feel inspired about finishing some papers she had been putting off for the past two years to complete her second Masters degree.  Sally also wanted to feel inspired about finding a full time job.

As we brought forth the light of illumination and asked “What part of me knowingly or unknowingly needs this condition?” and where are these energies were living in her body, Sally observed a heavy feeling in her lungs and heart that may be holding her back.  I also noticed energy stuck in her right hip. (Indicating male issues and foundational energies)

Sally felt the lungs had an intensity of a 5 on a scale of 1 – 10 (1 = low and 10= high) and the Heart had an intensity of a 7.  Sally felt the lungs need light, clarity and understanding as energies to assist in clearing.  Her heart needed self forgiveness, love and understanding.  Mother Mary came forth as we held these energies up to the light for healing, allowing Mother Mary to shower her loving mercy and forgiveness upon the area of concern.  While chanting An Nur and bringing down the light of the needed energies Sally coughed gently as if coughing up the old energies and letting them go.  This dropped the ratings of the lungs from a 5 to a 3 and the heart from a 7 to a 5.

We then moved on to focused on the heart area and found that it needed love and compassion in the form of pink light, and an AH sound frequency.  This pink energy was in a elongated bubble.  As I chanted An Nur bringing the light down and through her crown, glands and eye points. Mother Mary came forth again and wrapped Sally in her beautiful blue robes. Mother Mary made a heart connection with Sally filling her being with love, understanding, forgiveness and mercy.   Al Haqq came in at the end to bring in the energy of truth!  This brought the energy marker in Sally’s heart down to a 3-4 and her lungs to a zero.

To take this a step deeper, I asked Sally to write out a question to her heart with her dominate hand.  “Dear Beloved Heart, what energies are you needing for healing?  Non Dom responded “Tender Love”.  Sally then shared that her mother, whom she has a challenged relationship with was diagnosed with lung cancer about a year ago.  Sally also share that her father had committed suicide about 2 years ago.  Sally and her father were very close.  Mother Azna came forth and held Sally in her arms giving her the tender love her being so desired.  Sally’s father came in with a message of forgiveness… not to Sally, but stating that he had forgiven himself for his choice of exiting this life time and invited his daughter to do the same.  He shared how much he loved and missed her, and let her know how present he was in her life.

Sally felt a shift within her being and her lungs now felt at a 0 and her heart at a 1 rating.  Sally felt a sense of peace come over her and shared that she now feels ready to move forward with her life.

In conclusion, I felt the energy in the hip area was stuck due to the energies around her father and not being at peace with his death.  I was grateful to hear the happiness in Sally’s voice and heart as we concluded the session.

Follow up – a couple of weeks after our session, Sally contacted me to share that she was feeling much more motivated and was applying for more jobs and fellowships in alignment with her Masters Degree.

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