BE Balance


BE Balance

~ Fall Equinox ~ Full Moon ~
Your Wisdom Codes™

Energy Transmission from Divine Mother

 90 minute transformational workshop
Recording now available

  WHEW!  this call was AMAZING!!!  when participates shared at the
end of the call, some shared they were brought to tears when Divine Mothers
energy came forward during the meditation, to lovingly support them… 
Powerful! Attendee\’s also shared the powerful Wisdom Code they received… 
I am So GRATEFUL to be of service to others in this way!

Are you feeling out of balance?
Bring your mind and heart into balance,
so that you can feel the joy in your heart that has
always been there, waiting for you to discover it.

Are you ready to Harvest your Gifts & Treasures?
Ready to be of service in a bigger way in your life?

During this Harvest Full moon in Pisces we will
journey deep into the center of the Universe and
claim Your Wisdom Codes™, elevating you into 5D.

What energy space or consciousness is holding you back?
Are there Gatekeepers or Belief Keepers holding your
energy field hostage?

During this workshop you will:

Reclaim pieces and parts of yourself that have been
left behind, to allow your body to be whole and complete.

Clear Belief keepers and Gatekeepers to provide
space for huge transformational shifts within
your being, so that you can shine and know in
your heart when you are on track and when you
are not.

Access Your Wisdom Codes™ to bring you to a new
level of peace, trust and understanding.

Clear energies to assist in clearing your body, mind,
field and heart, so that you can feel fully present as
we anchor and activate the new energies of connection
to the Divine Feminine energies.

Allow a deep abiding connection with Divine
Mother to elevate you to your next level!

Share from Attendee:

“I really enjoyed the Full Moon Equinox Wisdom Code workshop, DaKara.
  Thank you so much for sharing your profound gifts.  During the workshop
I was able to release on a deep level a very old, outdated way of being. 
The wisdom codes that I became aware of resonate with me and I look
forward to living life from this powerful perspective.  I am excited to
replay the recording to enjoy the healing benefits many times over.”
Stacey Witt, Seattle, Wa.

 Your time is now!  With the massive energy
shifts happening on the planet right now, are you
feeling the urge to move up to a new vibrational
frequency?  If you answered yes, this class if for you!

Take a deep breath…. tune into your heart…
Your heart knows if this class is for you!


Energy Exchange $99.00

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  Instant download

Value of this magical class is $149.95

Share from Attendee:

Thank you Dakara for such an empowering and moving mediation in alignment
with the Fall Equinox – Full Moon.  The Power, yet Gentleness of Divine Mother
in the gifting of the Wisdom Codes was just perfect for where I am right now.
 I was moved to tears; tears full of the Grace bestowed to me by Divine Mother
during the mediation.  I am also very grateful for the piece you included with
the Akashic Records.  The Akashic Records holds the Truth of all we are from
what I understand, so what better place to go to create shifts, changes, while
receiving the Divine Guidance and Wisdom of the Soul.  You have once again
brought forth an incredible way for anyone to clear what is in the way of
receiving what is pertinent to aligning with gifts, talents and the Soul\’s Blueprint. 
I express Great Thanks to You, the Creator and the Non-physical for all
you bring to me and to the world!
    Jessica Belle


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