BE Money

Activate YOUR true
BEingness with Money\"BeMoneyRnd\"

Are you ready to step into the truth of your money mindset?

 During this 90 minute workshop (given 2 times), you will clear
stagnate energies around the energy of money. 
What is truly holding your wealth at bay? 

Do you have a Gatekeeper or Portal Keeper not allowing your
money to flow with ease and grace?  You will be guided to
relinquish those pesky Gatekeepers and command the Portal
Keepers to become Portal Masters, there to serve you,
by Divine birth right!

Have you been feeling overwhelmed in this new 5D energy?
Not clear on what your next step is?

What if you felt that deeper connection within, in a way
that you knew that you knew that you knew?

What if, what you are wanting, simply started showing
up in your world?
What if you could know and feel the
essence of money in a whole new way? 

What if this is all way more simple that you
have been taught?

Take a moment and dream a lil dream. Write it down, notice
any feelings, thoughts or emotions that come up…  

After the class I invite you to touch back on these thoughts,
feelings and emotions.  YOU can BE all you truly are already!

Journey to the hall of Records…
Do you have a contract with the energy of poverty?
Are you ready  to cancel that?

You will receive a POWERFUL activation and blessing
from the
Goddess Lakshmi, so that you can vibrate and
magnetize money to
you in ways you never imagined.

You will be gifted with a new tool, a vibrational cord of light
to raise your vibration whenever you choose so that you can
attract money and be in the flow of grace with money.

Be guided into your cave of wealth to meet the Goddess
of Money. 
Be aligned with her magic and truth. Shift into
a new vibration to
attract in a whole new way!


Shares from first class:

One person shared she was moved to tears during the activation.
Another shared she felt content and peaceful around money now.
One shared that when the Goddess Lakshmi placed her hand on her
forehead she got an immediate headache and as the energy came through
it went away as quick as it came… 

Each time you listen, you dive
deeper  into the magic of shifting your
cellular memory and DNA.

DaKara Kies, Master Energy Healer,
Inspiration, Money & Relationship Coach

Special Energy Exchange price  $99.00  

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Value $199.95





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