Full Moon Magic


On this call we created sacred space and expressed
our gratitude for all we have in our lives.

Step into the transformational fire to
burn away what is no longer serving you!

During this call I share a couple of healing
processes and lead you through the
portal to the realm of Magic.
We then wander down a path into
the Garden of your Heart
where you were guided to in creating
a magical charged elixir that you
bring back to the mundane world
to drink in real time.

Items to bring to the call:

Bring Pen, Paper, a candle and
something to light it with.

A glass of water to create your elixir.

Your bright shiny self!

Water to sip to assist the energy in
moving through your field.

Click on this image to access the replay\"fmmreplay\"Download instructions below

 Recorded on the June 2014 Full Moon
Value $99.95

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