Case Studies

How can HPT assist you in releasing the pain of the past?
How does energy healing work to create peace and balance with you?
HPT is a simple yet powerful healing modality brought forth from Divine Mother.

I invite you to read some of the case studies linked below to see how transformational Heart Point Technique is.

All names have been changed to protect my clients.

HPT Energy Package – Clears attempted Rape energy, releases life long neck pain!

Dead Fathers Message of Forgiveness

Grand White Jelly Bean to the rescue!

Running the log, as fast as I can!

Green Polka Dots and Raspberry Licorice

Headache Gone in a Flash!

I’m afraid to have money because?

Legs of Light for Ancestor

Mother Mary Shifts Money Struggles

Original Innocence of Gods Grace

Good Parent/Bad Parent – Teenage Cutting


Soul Healing – Soul Mate Returns

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Wanting to be bad

Second Class Citizen

Good Grief – Be the Healer

Little Monkeys BE GONE!