Energetic Restoration

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Energetic Restoration
Rebirth~New Beginnings!

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Powerful healing processes, Green Tara and
Meditative journey to be rebirthed!
The energy of the healing and meditation are
encoded into the replay recordings.

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During this powerful time of change upon the
planet, all the shifts and changes, it is time
to release the old worn out energies
of the past and align and restore a fresh
new energetic balance  into your
life, body, mind, heart and soul.

What is ready and waiting for your good and a life
of happiness, peace and balance?
Once the old energies,
re transformed or released?

The Goddess Green Tara assists us in releasing
the 8 Great Fears and supports us in anchoring in
the 8 Great Virtues – ready to support your new life!

Powerful shifts of energies have been pouring onto the
planet in the past few months. Now is the time to release,
shift and align as we move into the new Astrological year

Share from previous class attendee:
\”I feel so clean and crisp – that was so powerful!\”

\”Amazing!  I love all your calls DaKara.
I have cleared so much from your classes\”

Spring Equinox 2018
March 20, 2018     9:15 am PDTT
Are you ready for a new beginning?

We\’ll clear, heal and release the old
and welcomed the new to create more balance,
love and peace in our lives.

This Energetic Restoration will integrate the energies
so that you will feel more aligned, balanced and
ready to move forward in life!

Transform yourself through the elements for a fresh start.

During this powerful 75 minute + class we transformed old
issues, energies and challenges to create space for the new!
Come to the class with an issue or  a list of habits, patterns or
energies you are ready to be done with! PLUS a list of what
you are wanting to bring into your new restored field and life.
We called forth the elements to clear and release the
old and create a beautiful space for the new!

So what do you want?  We\’ll weave those new wishes, desires and
dreams into a Light Energy Alchemy Package

Once re-birthed we will anchor our desires into our
hearts through the matrix.

Green Tara blesses us through out this magical call
Replay available now!
only $55.00
Value $127.00

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This class can be used at any time of the year to
support you in a new beginning in any area of your life!

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