Running the log, as fast…


Running the log, as fast as I can!

Cindy a regular client of mine called for a session as she was feeling drained by her son’s energy and was feeling un-inspired in getting her healing practice moving forward.

Cindy shared she had a feeling of losing track of ground when in crisis mode with Son’s energy – Cindy shared that her son can be manipulating with his words and actions.  This was leaving Cindy feeling drained and worn out.

My guides showed me that Cindy would “slip” into a mode of energy like being on a big ole timber log in the water, running as fast as she could to not fall in the water.

Cindy agonizes over how she interacts with her son and how to be fully present to her daughter and husband when the son’s “behavior” is happening.  Cindy was judging herself for the kind of mother she is, as well as judging herself for being a healer when she didn’t feel in control of her home situation.

Using the Inspiration protocol question, “What would you like to get inspired about?”
Cindy shared that she wants to feel free of the attachment of her son’s dark mood and how it affects her healing practice and the household.

When I asked Cindy to hold the HPT hand positions and we asked, “What part of me is knowingly or unknowingly needing this condition?”

Cindy felt this old energy pattern in her second chakra.  A pattern of feeling she has to be responsible for every body’s energy and wellness in the household.  Cindy also felt that it is so much work to stay in balance around her son.

I asked if there was a Gatekeeper there and Cindy said yes.  The gatekeeper shared it needs to give up the fight! This felt like a 9 out of 10 on the scale of 1-10 (1= low – 10= high) for Cindy.

The energy needed was a soft pastel blanket of butter yellow air energy that had a rolling swishing type of sound and an undetermined taste.   Having Cindy hold the HPT pose, we called forth the needed energy and I saw it coming down in a floaty wave like blanket, wrapping its self gently around each of the HPT points and then as it arrived at the second chakra, the blanket held it the space softly.  Mother Azna was standing with her hand out to the gatekeeper.  I felt that if the gatekeeper didn’t choose to leave that Azna was prepared to assist in the exiting.  The gatekeeper gladly moved out in the violet blue flame of transformation.

We checked back in to the rating, it dropped from a 9 to a 2.  I asked, what still makes this a 2.  Cindy felt that the space felt void.  I was guided to request a rich honey packet of replacement energy to fill that space where the gatekeeper had resided.  This beautiful rich yellow energy also had gold sparkles and threads of silver inspiration energy.  This energy was guided to the crown and then down the back along the spine to the first chakra and then moved up to the second chakra. When I asked Cindy how that felt, she shared that the energy felt supportive and healing and the rating was now a zero.

Cindy now feels empowered and being in a space of “Oh… that’s just my son’s energy” vs trying to fix and mend everyone and every thing.

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