Teenage Cutting…


Good Parent/Bad Parent – Teenage Cutting

JJ called me frantic for an appointment as she had just found out the night before that her daughter was cutting herself.  JJ’s daughter we’ll call her Kim, is 13 and has been dealing with many of the normal challenges teenage girls her age process through.  This however was more intense.

JJ was angry with her daughter and even though she followed what a “good” parent would do, (called the therapist etc.).  JJ felt like she didn’t or wasn’t doing enough and felt like a ‘bad’ parent. JJ had a rating of a 10+ on her anger. (Scale of 1 -10, 1 being low intensity and 10 being high)

I invited JJ to be a surrogate for Kim so that we could tune in and see what the energy was that had contributed to the cutting.  First I observed this situation had the energy of being a “fade” and that there had been some influence from someone else.  JJ confirmed that one of Kim’s newer friends had some life challenges and had even recently tried to drown herself.   JJ shared that she felt relived to hear the words spoken match what she was truly feeling about her daughter.

As JJ moved into the energy of Kim she felt the energies of overwhelm, being out of balance and other peoples stuff (stuff being the nice word, but not the one shared).  This energy was felt throughout all the chakra and all over the body.  It needed to purge! JJ as Kim gave this a rating of a 10+ as well.

The energy needed was black and gray like sludge, thick and slow moving.  We called forth the additional energies needed for healing and guided this magnetized black sludge down through the crown and through each of the chakra’s allowing the sludge to suck up all of the overwhelm, imbalance and other peoples stuff.  As this energy came down to the root chakra it poured out into a basket on the ground behind Kim.  Angels of light came and tossed the basket into the violet blue flame of transformation.

Mother Mary and her radiant blue light came in behind the sludge and ran her healing, merciful, forgiving and healing light down through the points and chakras. When we checked, the rating had dropped to a 3.

The 3 was connected to Kim’s healing potential and how she had blocked the light of grace, safety and joy.  We brought forth the energies of her Divine imprint in an elegant dark blue energy laced with silver.  A soft rolling sound frequency like the breath of air followed. Rating dropped to a 0.

Tuning back in to Kim, we found that she needed unconditional love, divine providence and pink light to assist her in feeling more hope.  JJ shared that Kim’s energy felt balanced, lighter and hopeful.

Releasing JJ from surrogate mode we found that JJ needed some assistance in her own energy field. She still had feelings of being the worst parent on the planet. JJ held the HPT pose and we ran light to clear the guilt she was feeling. We also cleared any interfering energies that may have been keeping JJ in the space of “bad parent” thinking.

Holding the HPT pose JJ felt the energies of being too entwined with her daughter in her 3rd Chakra. I guided JJ onto her time line as I felt a past life energy present.  JJ saw in this past life that she couldn’t save her daughter.  JJ was a healer in that life time as was Kim.

We brought down a huge beautiful full deep pink rose with glitter sparkling off of it.  The Angels assisted in guiding the energy down through JJ to both herself and Kim in the past life. The Wisdom of healing grace energy was also sent with the rose.

JJ felt a shift from her original rating of a 10+ to a 6.  She felt that she could separate herself and be the observer of the situation, that she had done all she could in that life time.  JJ saw the parallel to this life situation.

JJ is a wonderful healer in this life time, she is struggling with how to be present for her family and assist them as well as her clients and feels crazy at times when her home life goes sideways. (I am sure many of you healers can relate to this!)

As we tuned into the 6, we found the energy of feeling ‘crazy’. This crazy was all over JJ’s body, I asked JJ if there was a gatekeeper and she said YES!  A little gremlin, his name was Dan and he had a potty mouth to the enth degree!  “Dan the gremlin” was rated at a 10.

Mother Azna came forth with a beautiful energy package to kick Dan’s butt to the curb (well really onto his next purpose).  We planted a seed of love in Dan’s lil gremlin heart and chanted down the energy package.  The energy filled JJ’s body and Dan jumped in the package and bounced out and into the violet blue flame.

JJ now felt this was a 0 as well as the anger she had felt earlier.  JJ shared that she felt empowered, excited, at home in her body and over all GREAT!  She felt ready to take on what ever may come with the family situation and life.

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