Good Grief – Be the Healer


Good Grief – Be the Healer

Aria had recently lost a close family friend.  She was feeling a challenge with the grieving process.  As a healer she knows the importance of grieving and yet was struggling with sleep, the day to day life in the household and wasn’t able to just let go and cry.

We started by bringing Aria’s energy into balance.  Tapping on the HPT points, saying balance, come into balance.

Aria had recently also had some challenges with being afraid of her connection to the non-physical realm. The FEAR of being Right was overshadowing her thoughts – Aria had received a message from the person who had passed on and was guided to share the message with the family.  Aria felt this fear in her head, in the front left lobe of the brain. It was rating at a 10 (scale of 1-10 with 1 being low intensity and 10 being high intensity).  The fear needed the energy to LET GO and to be accepted.

With hands in the HPT pose, we brought forth the light of letting go and acceptance to Aria’s high self point. Allowing the energy to move down and swim in her brain, filling the left frontal lobe, then bringing the energy down into the heart.  Once in the heart we spotlighted the energy back up the brain.  Aria took a deep breathe and shared that she no longer felt afraid of her connection to non physical.  The rating dropped to a zero.

To anchor this into her body, we sang to Aria’s KA body.  Toning the elemental energies into KA body and then singing the KA body down into her physical, bringing her the energies of peace, understanding, acceptance and love.  After the energies were sang in, Aria shared that her neck felt better, and that she felt floaty and buoyant.

Aria did share the message with the family, she was spot on!  The family found some information and documents that would help the legal process move much more quickly.  What a blessings!

I asked Aria what part of her self is judging herself.  After all, she received a beautiful message, once shared helped the family with their grieving process and to locate some important information.

Aria said the judgment is living in my head, it needs “acceptance”, she also said “I can’t possibly know this stuff” this energy was in her throat.  Both had a rating of a 10.  The throat needed “understanding”.  We brought the energies of acceptance and understanding down into the head and the throat and the energy shifted to a zero on both. Whew!

Now with some of the mental chatter removed I had Aria write out this question with her dominate hand.  “What part of me is not allowing the grief to surface?”  Non-dominate responded “The Healer”   Aria is a healer, a wonderful healer who is moving more and more into her power.
(I observed the grief as a blessed opportunity to further support Aria in stepping up into her healing ability.)

To dive deeper we asked the dominate hand “Dear healer within, what are you afraid of?”  Non-dominant replied: “Being judged for being weak by being vulnerable”.  Aria felt this in her third chakra. She felt that she could be a better advocate and shift from giving so much to others and give more to herself. Aria rated this at a 10 plus.

I saw a light switch appear on an imaginary wall. Aria shared she needed energy to assist her in standing in her power and fully anchoring in the light. The energy needed was golden in color and had a soft melodic sound.  There was a ‘gift’ package shown within the golden energy as we chanted An Nur and brought the energy down into her third charka. Aria’s guides gently placed the ‘gift package’ into third chakra, I invited Aria to simply flip the light switch on and as she did the package opened, more light radiated out through her entire body.  Tuning back in Aria’s rating shifted to a zero.

Mother Azna suddenly appeared!  She walked into my vision in her full powerful Divine Feminine Mother energy, pounded her staff on the floor a few times and commanded for Aria.  “Beloved Daughter of the Universe, your time has come, continue to clear the fear that is blinding your vision.  You have many great gifts and talents to share with the world.  BE the healer that you are!  BE fully present to yourself and your clients.  Release the FEAR NOW!  Azna tapped her staff three more times as she smiled lovingly at Aria and then she was gone.  Aria felt a wave of fear melt away.

Aria started to cry, the tears flowed.  She felt some of the grief moving from her body. Mostly she felt extreme Gratitude flowing through her now.  She “knew” she was able and ready to stand in her power.  She felt the presence of Mother Azna and shared that she knows now that it is safe to be the healer she was incarnated to be.

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