Original Innocence of Gods…


Original Innocence of Gods Grace

Kia came to me as she felt an underlying energy happening at work.  She was feeling that “something” was wrong with her.  Kia had begun taking comments and statements from co-workers very personally. This was not her norm.  Kia is in an upper management position with several staff people under her, and has high end responsibilities. She’s always had good relationships with her co-works and staff, she wanted to nip this feeling or energy in the bud.

Kia placed her hands in the HPT pose (after getting grounded, centered and connected to the sacred space I had created for the session) and we called forth the light of illumination asking “What part of me feels or was told there is something wrong with me?”

Kia’s inner child came forth feeling the energy of Adult = risk vs Child = try something new. This polarizing energy that was wreaking havoc on Kia’s well being. The child in her wanted to play outside of the rules and yet her job is very defined and strict. She then felt the energy of ridicule come up in the third chakra. This had a rating of an 8 on a scale of 1 -10 (1=low and 10=high intensity).

We asked the third charka what it needed for healing and it shared that it needs acceptance and understanding.  To view this as a learning opportunity and it is okay to make mistakes. We called forth the energies to Kia’s higher self point and chanted then down into her third chakra. This shifted the energy to a 3.

The 3 was fear based energy that she can’t trust her world. Chanting An Nur and then Al Haqq the energy rating shifted to a 2.

The guides suggested we clear interfering energies. Kia held the HPT pose  I called forth the Angels of light, Archangel Michael for clearing to remove any interfering energies and aberrant patterns, I commanded these energies be returned to the light now.  Energies went into the violet blue flame of transformation.

Kia felt a wave of energy move over her and a belief statement “I cannot be healed, It cannot be healed”.  I asked Kia if there was a Gatekeeper and she said OMG yes.  The gatekeeper reveled it was there to protect Kia from “pure death”.  Kia rated the energy of the gatekeeper at a 9. We called forth energies of deeper spiritual truth and everlasting wisdom that had a greenish gray tone to it. There were sounds of bells (like church bells) ringing in the background. As the energy flowed Kia saw the gatekeeper smile and move into the violet blue flame.  She said he seemed at peace and knew that she would be taken care of from now on.

Mother Mary came forth with a message for Kia. “Feel safe my beloved daughter, in releasing the past, stand in your power and radiate the light that you are.  You are a bright star on the planet and have gifts to help others unveil the truth of who they are.”

Kia was also feeling some stress around a choice she had made at work,  that she felt some might view inappropriate. She was feeling this in her heart. Her heart was afraid she would lose credibility, acceptance and be judged. I chanted Biz moo Allah and clapped my hands three times to clear some over shadowing energies. We called forth the needed energies to bring peace to Kia’s heart.  This shifted the heart from a 10 to a 0.

Still feeling some discomfort around taking comments personally from her staff and peers.  The guides invited Kia into a circle of light for a Soul Group Healing.  We called forth all the souls of her co-workers and any other souls that were being touched or involved with this energy.

As Kia’s soul floated up above her personality body and we called forth the healing light, Mother Mary, Hathors, unconditional love, understanding, communication, wisdom and compassion.  The light streamed into Kia’s high self point, down into the crown and down and out of her heart.  This healing light radiated out to every soul in the circle.  Energy of dis-trust, poor communication, judgment and many others simply floated into a bubble of light in the center of the circle.  The bubble then floated into the violet blue flame, transmuting the unwanted energies completely.

Kia shared that there was a martyr part of her that was released in the circle of light as her soul channeled the light down.  She felt that some form of “original innocence and Gods Grace” had returned to her. Kia said she now feels a “thirst” for original innocence in her heart.

Prior to the session Kia shared that the adult in her could not respond to the work issue. She shared that she was going to plan some team building games over the weekend to share with her core team on Monday that would help bring them all back to a place of balance.

The guides spoke up and shared that the playful team building games and exercises are a way for her to play and have fun in a structured environment.  They also planted the seed that this could be a business idea for Kia, that many corporations would love new innovative ways of team building.

I was happy to hear that Kia is creating fun and playful team building tools.  This not only feeds her soul, but in time will create something bigger to be of service to others. Kia is also feeling at peace with her staff and co-workers.

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