Soul Healing-Soul Mate Re…


Soul Healing – Soul Mate Returns

Gloria came to me heart broken about a recent breakup.  They had been together for five months and Gloria felt this was the love of her life, her beloved soul mate.

I started the session with Gloria by having her ground and state her intention.  Her intention was to have her beloved come back and at least explain why they left.  Gloria went on to share that when her beloved left there was no explanation, at all.  Gee, my heart went out to Gloria as I had also experienced that situation in the past and knew how heart wrenching it was, ‘to not know’.

Gloria held the HPT pose and asked her body where it was feeling this energy.  We called forth the light of illumination to her high self point, and asked Leila (the name for Divine Mother energy by the Sufi’s) to assist in holding Gloria’s raw tender heart in a space of love. The energy created a space of clarity so that Gloria could look further. Gloria shared that her deepest fear was that she would never be with her beloved again and that drove the pain and hurt deeper.

I was guided to create space for a Soul Group healing to bring peace and hopefully some clarity to the situation. Gloria was guided into a meadow of grass and lovely summer flowers blooming at their peak.  The soft breeze carried the scent of the blossoms.  As Gloria came to the center of the meadow, a circle of light was cast around the edge of the meadow and a ring of Angels appeared to offer their love, support and protection.

We called forth the soul of Gloria’s beloved and as the soul approached I invited Gloria to look deep within the eyes of her beloved’s soul.   All other souls that were involved or needed to be present for healing were called into the circle.

Gloria felt a deep rich feeling in her heart as she and her beloveds eyes connected.  The souls raised up out of the personality bodies and continued to connect through the eyes.  We called forth the light of healing, understanding, wisdom into the high self points of the souls and then brought that energy down through the points to the hearts of the souls.  The energy then radiated out of their hearts down to the personality bodies and out to all souls in the circle.

As Gloria and her beloved souls dropped back down into their personality bodies, they embraced and felt a heart connection.  Gloria was starting to feel more peace around the situation.

The guides shared that a KA Body cellular healing would further assist Gloria.  The energy was powerful and intense and at the end of the healing Gloria stated that she now felt more balanced and calm.

Gloria still has a desire to call or try to connect with her beloved. The guides suggested that she simply wait. The timing of the appointment was just before a new moon.  I invited Gloria to write out a new moon check with the intention that whatever is meant to be in this relationship would show its self within a two week period.

Gloria called back about a week after the session.  Her beloved contacted her 2 days after the new moon and shared that she had just been so afraid on the depth of the love they shared and her normal M.O. was to run. Her beloved felt the energy on the new moon and a strong urge to call.

Soul group healings are very powerful indeed!  Needless to say Gloria is ecstatic!

Weeks later after touching base with Gloria, all is well, the relationship is blossoming and the love grows deeper everyday!

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