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\”Clearing the Blocks that
Keep You Stuck!\”


Does the image above seem familiar?
Do you feel buried under layers of energies you are
not even sure what they are?
Are you ready to wipe the slate clean to be
ready to step into 2019 with a clearer mind and heart?

If you answered YES to any of these questions,
this call is for YOU!

This first Success call I intent in supporting you in releasing the past
and amplifying all the good the Universe has waiting for you to claim!

Replay Now Available… see below


Two powerful dragons came forth to support
your path to Success!  
Earth Dragon came forward
to cleanse and clear the land beneath
your feet. We cleared
a Gatekeeper holding you back from Success too!

In the Meditation we stepped through a portal to
the Land of Success where
We stood in a lightening bolt of
light that assisted clearing away old patterns,

worry and anxiety.  Then Gold Dragon arrived to share her
brilliance, truth, 
support, protection and magic!

Gold Dragon also assisted in merging
your WILL with DIVINE WILL to set you on the

Register now for the replay and transform your life!



What you can expect:

– Deep transformation
-A self of reclaiming your true self
-Freedom from within
– Release of the old worry, stories and
anxieties that are likely holding  you back

Replay Now Available see below
Only $25.00   (Reg. $50)

  Powerful Meditation and Healing included!
The energy of the healing and meditation are
encoded into the replay recordings.

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Listen online via your computer
You will receive the link and
password upon registration.


Powerful Clearing/Healing and Meditation to help you
transform what is no longer serving you!
This is a powerful part of YOU standing in your POWER.
  Clearing the vibrations within you that hold you back from receiving
 what it is that you are wanting! KEY to the speed in which
it arrives  in to your life!

During the call, DaKara will guide you into the
healing sacred circle where the real magic happens!

Guided processes take you deep within your subconscious

 mind, where you can set yourself free of the past, let go
of stress, anxiety, old beliefs that you did something
wrong or deserved less than truth, respect and honor.    


Replay Now Available
Only $25.00   (Reg. $50)
  Powerful Meditation and Healing included!
The energy of the healing and meditation are
encoded into the replay recordings.

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Share from Attendee

hi DaKara

\”I started out as a \”nothing\”… and then when dealing with the cutting of the chords,
it came to me  that it was my mother\’s words to me when I was 20…. and I saw the
chords … a thick silver chord, covered in black, with a smaller chord running
alongside and they were both cut and I saw them being removed and
winding out and up and disappearing…

I felt all aglow with a gold energy that I could not even see with the earthly eye,
but had confidence it was there because I felt all tingly on my arms and hands…

Then while working with my gold dragon, it all became very powerful, gold all over my
arms and hands, and then she (the dragon) handed me the Orb, and I could feel it go in…
and then it was over. She did tell me her name and made sure I pronounced it correctly.

I didn\’t receive any numbers… But… I know what needed to be fixed got fixed, and I have
confidence \”my golden dragon\” will be back when I listen to this meditation again.

What I liked most about the meditation was meeting \”my\” golden dragon,
who was so loving as to be patient with me in pronouncing her name.

It\’s Maria …. only pronounced with the accent on the first syllable …
like MAH ree yah…

 Extremely happy … with the class!!!!

I know that happy things are turning for the better for me!

Thank you so much!

If you are new to DaKara\’s work, please enjoy this free
recording called \’Full Moon Magic\’. On this page
there is also a link to intro recording to Heart Point
Technique and an over view of the process.
Full details   CLICK HERE

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Are you struggling with life or some area of your life?

Frankly, who isn\’t in these wild and changing times?

Visit right now and sign up for a free 60 minute
call that will help you not only relinquish the energy of struggle, also cancel
the contract you have with the energy of struggle in that area of your life!
  Listen over and over again to cover multiple areas of your life. 
Step forth a new!

To your Success!

Love & Blessings



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