Fall Equinox
Moving into Balance


WOW!  Deep and powerful clearing processes and a Magical
Meditation into the Realm of Balance.

Visit the Temple of Balance and stand upon the Infinity
Symbol as Divine Mother showers you with the energies of
that assists you integrating the new energies!

Are you ready to discover what is holding you back from true balance in your life?
Who couldn\’t use a bit more balance in their lives?  I know I can!

Do you have a Gatekeeper, Belief Keeper, Portal Keeper or Record Keeper holding
you back from your true self?   Step into the infinity loop of love and balance
as we shift your inner resonance to a place of love and balance.

With so many new energies flooding onto the planet in the recent months,
it is time to integrate and balance your whole being.

During this workshop you will:

Reclaim pieces and parts of yourself that have been left behind,
to allow your body to be whole and complete.

Clearing Belief keepers and Gatekeepers, and or Portal and Record Keepers can provide
space for huge transformational shifts within your being, so that you can shine
and know in your heart when you are on track and when you are not.

 Set into an integrated field of balance as we create a new way
of navigating within the field of potential.

Clear energies to assist in clearing your body, mind, field and heart,
so that you can feel fully present as we anchor and activate the new energies
of connection to the Divine Feminine energies. Allow a deep abiding
connection with Divine Mother to elevate you to your next level!

Your time is now! With the massive energy shifts happening on the planet right
now, are you feeling the urge to move up to a new vibrational frequency?
If you answered yes, this class if for you!

 Take a deep breath…. tune into your heart…
Your heart knows if this class is for you!


Energy Exchange Only $97.00

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Value $189.00




From a recent attendee

Hi Dakara,

I slept throughout the night and went right into a light filled infinity loop/figure 8 alignment as I was waking. I
woke up feeling so confident and connected to Gaia and God and the Multiverse. I feel like my heart center is
so open and I feel grateful and able to let the abundance pour in.

That said, you are amazing. I\’m living in a rural part of NM surrounded by gorgeous rose colored hills and
beautiful wide open skies, and it is of course, very healing, but even still I\’ve been teetering in the \’trust department\’
because so much of my life is up in the air right now. Doing your work is like the synapse that is really bringing
it all together. Must do a private session with you soon. In the meantime, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.







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