Mother Mary Shifts Money…


Mother Mary Shifts Money Struggles

PK came to me sobbing about the potential of losing benefits she has been receiving from an injury at work. The company where PK had been injured was playing games and making up a position that if she did not take would release her from receiving benefits. This position was not a ‘safe’ job as it required PK to ride around the company grounds at night in a golf cart alone.

PK had a lot of fear as she had been searching for a job in her field for months.  PK also had an upcoming mediation with and ex partner that she was nervous about.  Needless to say PK had a lot on her plate.

After guiding PK in a grounding exercise and bringing the light down to bring her into balance so she could be fully present for the session, I felt PK’s energy come into better focus.

I had PK write out the following statement with her dominate hand. “What part of me is benefitting from struggling with money?” The non-dominate hand responded “the part that doesn’t deserve” This had a child like feeling attached to is.  I saw a small child sitting in the corner as if afraid to be seen or heard. The energy was sitting in her heart. When asked the part needed Love in a square red box that had a slight low comforting humming sound to it. 

We brought the sweet red warm box filled with love down into PK heart, this shifted the energy from an 8 to a 3 (on a scale of 1-10, 1 = low intensity and 10 being high intensity). The 3 needed a connection of knowing which represented a blue energy laced with silver. Once that energy was brought forth the rating dropped to a zero.

When tuning into where the energy around her ex-partner and the upcoming mediation was living PK felt the issue living in her stomach and had a rating of a 9. It needed peace and understanding in the form of a big sparkly orange squishy ball.

As we brought the big orange ball down PK took a couple of deep breaths she could feel the pressure and angst leaving her body.  This dropped to a 1 and had the energy of FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) attached to it the FEAR rated at a 3. This needed a triangle shaped piece of construction paper with an apple scent. This energy cleared down to a zero and PK felt she could now more fully stand in her power at the mediation, but there was still something hanging on..

I asked PK if she felt she hoarded stuff or emotions from relationships.  She answered yes.  I had her place her hands in the HPT pose and ask “How am I hoarding in relationships?” PK felt the energy of hoarding in her heart and that many of the emotions from previous relationships were not released.  It needed the light of mercy, compassion and understanding.  Mother Mary stepped forward to assist PK in releasing the old emotions in her heart.  Holding the HPT pose we held this energy up to Mother Mary’s light for healing. Rating 8 to 0.

We then addressed hoarding on a material level.  PK felt that she was holding onto many physical items from the previous relationship that she no longer really needed.  PK felt this energy in her second chakra and it needed permission to let it all GO, the energy of love, understanding and compassion, this showed itself in a soft pink and orange light filled with red stars.

After we brought the energy into her second chakra, PK felt a sense of peace, release and that she would be better able to get through the mediation.  Rating was at a 10 and dropped to a 0.

PK called back a couple weeks after the session to share that the mediation went beautifully and she was able to hold her space and emotions.  She also shared that the company she had worked for had removed the job offer which will allow PK to continue to receive benefits until her body is stronger and more able to return to work.

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