Energy Package – Clears Rape…


HPT Energy Package – Clears attempted Rape energy, releases life long neck pain!

JD came to me with wishing to clear some negative thought patterns.  JD shared that she had been feeling challenged by ‘being’ on the planet. None of this was about her consciously wanting to leave or commit suicide, it was random thoughts like,  “if I just got hit by a bus, that would be an easy way out or a fatal car accident” or “maybe a fast growing cancer or terminal illness“.  JD shared that the thoughts would come quickly, randomly and then be gone, though entered JD’s mind regularly.

Calling forth the light of illumination, JD shared that this energy was in her throat.  JD rated the energy at an 8 on a scale of 1 – 10 (1 being low intensity and 10 being high).  We also determined there was a Gatekeeper (thank you Belin Jenkins for discovering this technique).

The Gatekeeper needed to feel safe, this was shown as needing a white soft cloud floating on a cool breeze, bringing in the energy of safety.  We brought forth this energy along with planting a seed of love in the gatekeepers heart and assisted it in releasing it’s hold on JD’s throat.

JD’s throat was now ready for healing, her throat needed the energy of happiness and joy with the color pink.  A happy clown face was bouncing around with excitement and the scent of cotton candy (one of JD’s favorite childhood treats). After bringing this energy down through the HPT points, JD’s rating dropped to a 2.

JD felt this shift and noted that it was bringing up the feeling of panic in her chest. As I tuned into some inner child energies around the ages of five to seven was shown to me.  When I shared this with JD, she shared that there had been sexual abuse in her life around that time. JD went on to share that there had been sexual abuse in her life from about the age of four until her teens.

JD tuned into “I’m not safe in the world. No one cares. No one protects me.  I’m not safe.”  The intensity was a 10. There was a ball of fear energy sitting in her chest and connected to energy anchored in the second and third chakra.

We called on Divine Mother Azna to hold little JD in her arms as we called forth the needed energies to clear, balance and heal this trauma.  As I chanted An Nur and saw Azna holding and rocking little JD in her arms, I observed the energy come down into Mothers crown and out through her heart into little JD.  This shifted the rating to a 3 in the third chakra and a 6 in the second chakra.

I energetically saw a block of energy at the opening of JD’s vagina.  (JD has not been interested in intercourse for the past several years, even though she is in a long term relationship.  Intercourse had become painful in the recent years.)

Azna created a ‘package of energy’ to be dropped down into the second chakra, specifically into the vagina.   I chanted the energy gift package down and then channeled a personal message from Mother Azna for JD.

Along with the energy package there was a key to unlock the gift package and clear the cellular memories that had been stored there.  The vagina’s cells needed a new story, JD was guided to unlock the package with 3 turns of the key.

Whew… Holy Mother of Goddess…  JD allowed the tears to flow, so much made sense to her now and a huge shift was felt throughout her body.  JD now rated both the second and third chakras at a zero.  The panic she had felt in her chest was also completely gone.

The magic continues into the next session.  JD had reported feeling safer in the world and the lack of the previous “wanting to leave the planet” thoughts.  Though she did not feel completely “safe” being here on planet Earth. 

The evening before our appointment, JD had been driving home and an owl was standing in the road.  She stopped and placed her high beams on the owl.  It stared at here for what she described seemed like several minutes.  JD called me that night and asked the energy or medicine of Owl.  I gave her some information that I knew about owl and invited her to look further and to meditate on her experience.

When JD arrived at our appointment she shared that the owl was there to let her know it was ‘safe’ to see in the dark and the light and that it was ‘safe’ to look into the dark parts of herself.  JD was always scared to look deep within her self.

JD shared that in her head she didn’t even feel safe in her own home at times.  If she was alone at night, she would lock the doors, turn on the alarm as well as lock to the door to her bedroom. JD would also visualize Angels sitting in a band over her house watching all directions.  The random thoughts that were now playing on the monkey bars of her mind where: “Bad things happen to good people” and her core belief was that “I don’t believe anyone is safe”.

JD shared that the “safety” issue was in her head and torso.  Logic told JD’s mind that this was silly, yet her mind had other ideas. The head and “logic” energy was rated at an 8 and the torso was also an 8.  When asking those parts of her body what it needed for healing, it shared it needed an iridescent rainbow with cotton candy, a song and the energies of happiness and joy.  As we brought this energy down I saw the iridescent rainbow turn into a slide with fairies playfully sliding and having fun! Happiness and joy energy floating down and a childhood song playing in the background and big fluffy cotton candy clouds filled the sky!

This shifted the mind to a 2 and the torso to a 2/3.  I asked what else did it need? The torso shared it needed a “GUARANTEE”  We then tapped the HPT points granting the guarantee energy of safety, this shifted it to a zero rating. YEAH!!!

I noticed some stuck energy in JD’s neck.  She said that she had not been able to turn her head either direction and look over her shoulder for many years.  I then asked her if not being able to turn her head made her feel safe, and she said no! She shared that at age 16 she experienced an attempted rape, while she was babysitting her sister’s children.

Upon share this JD felt panic rise up in her heart center and the memories of the events came flooding in. JD rated this energy at a 10.

JD’s sister was in the hospital giving birth to her new child while JD was babysitting the other children. A ‘friend’ of the family knew JD was there alone and snuck into the house.  JD was sleeping on the sofa, the perpetrator started touching JD inappropriately.  JD woke up and ran out onto the front porch where she jumped up on the support column on the porch and started screaming and crying out for help.  The perpetrator tried grabbing and tugging JD from the column while trying to cover her mouth.  JD was a fighter and was not about to allow more sexual abuse into her life if she could help it!  The perpetrator gave up and ran away.

JD recalled all the twisting of her neck during this traumatic event. When JD tuned into her neck she saw a stopping energy and a thick tar like substance right in the center of her neck.  JD said her neck needed light as a solvent.  We chanted the light down into the neck which dropped the rating to a 6.

A new technique my guides have given me is working with Energy Gift Packages or Energy Packages.  What I have found is that we do not always need to know exactly want is needed to clear, heal or release the interfering stuck energies.  We simply call forth for the needed energies and ask the non physical beings to create the healing energy package needed.

We created an energy package for JD.  I saw it as a gift package, wrapped with a bow, sweet, delicate and pretty. (I felt like some of it was the innocence JD was robbed of as a child and teen.)

I chanted the energy gift package down for JD and as she pulled on the tail of the bow. the package of energy opened up and filled her neck, spine and entire being. This shifted the rating to a zero.  JD felt light headed for a few moments. Taking a few deep breaths helped bring her energy back into balance.

The real test was to ask JD to turn her head.  JD looked at me with astonishment as she turned her head to the left and then the right.  Being able to ‘look’ over her shoulders for the first time in many many years! She said “this is better than going to the chiropractor!” She also shared that her neck felt open and expanded.

I asked JD if she felt safer in the world by being able to look behind her self.  She said YES! Several weeks have passed now and I recently saw JD again and asked her if she had the same range of motion in her neck. She promptly turned her head both directions and said YES!   Whoohoo! What a blessings.

She also shared that she is no longer having any thoughts about wanting to leave the planet and she now feels much safer in the world, in her home and in life!

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