Honor Your Light


Winter Solstice Healing Ceremony
Honoring the return of the Light
Light up your Intentions!

Ready to let go of what is holding you back
from your hearts desires?

Ready to clear the path? 

Set Intentions for a new year and a new you?
(this applies to any time frame, not just solstice or 2019)

IF you answered yes, please sign up right now for
this magical ceremony!

During this Sacred Ceremony and Healing workshop we
will call forth a
new Wisdom Code™ in alignment with your 2019 Intentions and anchor those intentions into your being.

During this Healing Ceremony we will create sacred space,
honor the directions, set intentions for 2019 and create
a sacred bundle with your intentions.

We will release what is holding us back from receiving the items on our intention list and then take a magical journey into the depth of the Divine Mother’s womb to rebirth ourselves with the energy of the new born Sun.

During the Meditation you will be guided on a magical journey to reclaim your own inner light and set the stage for 2019!

We will energetically charged a small glass of water you’re your new Wisdom Code and intentions for your journey! POWERFUL!

In the darkness of the womb we can create profound magic!

With the New Moon happening on the same day as the
Winter Solstice – great magic and the power to truly start the new year will be encoded into the recording.

Deep healing and a rebirth will assist you on your
journey as we move into the new year.

What if you started your next step with clarity and the magic of the Goddess along with her loving energy supporting your heart’s desire?

Are you ready to feel more grounded in your manifesting and desires?

Winter Solstice in the Northern hemisphere marks the longest night of the year. We then are in a ‘holding’ space for a few days before the light begins
to grow once again and the days become longer, little by little. Allow the growth and return of the light to assist you
in manifesting your dreams!

Call Length 1 hour 43 minutes

Winter Solstice Ceremony and Healing
ONLY $97.00 Value $197.00
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Shares from this workshop:

DaKara,  I have been trying to heal sexual abuse and have been pulling cards about forgiveness. Doing healings myself, I covered a lot of areas but was still “stuck” in figuring out what it is I needed to forgive.

Part of what I observe was that earlier in the day I was having a conversation with a friend about my future relationship. The person I am manifesting seems to have a lot of money and it is no object. I did make a wish to the universe for someone to “take care of me” in the sense that I am no deep down a career woman, I love to cater to the needs of the people I love (I am cancer after all) but I live this conflict of being able to provide for myself and having paid my dues as I identified.  I do feel that I have worked really hard prior to my divorce in “paying my dues” in many different ways and it is ok to now be able to receive without attachment or having to owe anyone anything but to enjoy what I am
being offered.  This is huge for me. it was also interesting when you asked me about what gift, my body tensed up because I didn’t want anything but more emotional than tangible item.  Love was bought in our family and my ex-husband does the same with my daughter. I wanted more of my emotional needs to be met since my parents were never home but working.

I also figured out that the statement of parental attention was a pattern that my mother needed also and didn’t get. So really, it becomes easier to forgive her because she is somewhat unequipped to offer something she has not experienced and understood. I understood and was more maternal with my daughter and have an incredible bond with her but it is so much more complicated than what we see….
You get what I mean.   Thank you so much

I tried to not have any expectation so that way I am ready to receive what it is I need to receive. Sincerely, I didn’t know what to expect and I am so  grateful. I had a big aha moment and was glad I actually got to connect with you directly.

I know what I need to do next and that is very helpful.  It was also interesting when you were talking about the gatekeepers, I saw trolls – you mentioned gremlins – and I saw several – and for me it was the main gatekeeper as protection but those creatures were instigate sabotage.

You deserve a 10! I am so glad I decided to join you…


Hi Dakara

I want to thank you for the Solstice Healing Ceremony.  It was Amazing!  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the live call.  I began listening to it the following couple of days, but kept falling asleep.  When I listened to it again in its entirety yesterday, I was overwhelmed…
likely why I kept falling asleep initially.  The enlightenment, healing and transformation was absolutely profound for me.  Words cannot express how beautiful your work is and how blessed I feel to have be part of it.
Much Gratitude to you, Dakara.

Shares from 2016 Winter Solstice
Deep Wound Healing Ceremony

I have just listened to the mp3 as I was not able to be on the call. I did however place my intention that I was on the call energetically !!
I started out @ a 10/1/0 and reduced to 0 \":-)\" so I was very happy with the outcome. I was working on a relationship to bring in my soul mate.
It came up not trusting !!!
I have done so much work on this. My mum was the gate keeper. I also went back to childhood around my father @ the age of 3 years.
The lighting of the candle and bringing in the codes was the spark of radiance of the universal language of love…
The water was like an elixir, Like. treacle, soft and smooth.
Thank you , thank you my experience has been of great value and I am looking forward to going back
and re listening and working on other aspects  of myself/Life

     The workshop was very powerful. I really felt like you opened a sacred space. I’ve had my white electric candelabra a very
long time (it’s part of my Christmas decorations), and the white bulbs at the top of the three candles seemed to develop a special glow.

What did you observe during the clearing and healing time of the class?
I do appear to be holding certain fears in my body. This fears are surrounding my business as a tarot teacher. Not fears
about the teaching, but whatever is holding me back from doing things like finishing my website.

The answer I got about what was holding me back was the word “Try.” It took me a while to figure out what that meant,
but I finally got that “Try” is the opposite of “Do.” That this “Try” is connected to my tendency to think too much about
doing something, but not really acting on it. This seems to be where a lot of my procrastination comes from. My goal for
2014 is to get this website up and running. I finally got started teaching online classes, and they are going well. This is just
another example of me thinking forever about something rather than acting on it. I really think that this was what my
subconscious meant by “Try” being the problem. In one of the “Star Wars” movies Yoda says “Do or do not.
There is no try.” I think I need to learn that lesson better. Thinking about something isn’t the same as actually doing it.

P.S. I could “feel” a lot of this issue in my stomach. My stomach pain would rise and fall as I thought on this matter.

 What was your starting number and ending numbers?
My numbers kept going up and down. From 2 to 5 and back down to 2.

What did you experience while in the Womb of Divine Mother?
I just felt great peace. I noticed that her eyes were blue even before you said they were.
I don’t recall too many specifics, just the wonderful feeling of being loved unconditionally.

E. Palladino

Hi Dakara,
Tonight was my first call with you, and it was very beautiful. I often find myself drifting into unconsciousness
during processes, but your pace, your voice and your style were very engaging and enriched.
So much so I wanted to share my experience with you.

I had a little trouble with the automatic writing as it was my first time doing it. I will have to practice this. I felt the energies I
was holding in my body disappear completely after you brought the light in each time. It was instantaneous all three times.

The meditation was very powerful and surprising. After all, Divine Mother looked an awful lot like Heidi Klum, haha.

I found myself in the nave of my childhood church. Everything was tinged blue, like a piece of blue tissue paper covered the
lens of my mind’s eye. You brought in the wisdom code and I had no idea what to expect, at all. Suddenly a symbol I had never
seen before started to form. It was blue and black and indescribable and it came into my body and as it did I realized it
was imbuing me with angelic form. I saw myself as an angel without wings, an earth angel I suppose. My hair was in long
blonde braids, I was tall and slender and wearing long white robe. I felt at peace and content and….I felt joy.
Not as a reaction or response, but as an inner state of being. I have never actually felt this emotion this way in my physical form.

As the picture kept coming into focus, I realized the symbol itself had been shaped like a rudimentary angel.
I have never affiliated myself with any angelic qualities whatsoever. This truly took me by surprise.
I realized I was being given a new direction to follow. And then you birthed us!! At that moment, I was standing
at the open doors of the church looking out into the world, knowing I had a purpose to help, love and serve people
simply by BEING ME. This new perception of my physical and spiritual incarnation was so authentic and at peace.

Thank you, so much, for this wonderful gift. I feel as if I have been guided in a specific way that before the mediation
I was completely unaware of. A new road, a new path, sovereign creator, new earth angel. I can’t wait to listen again.

Much love and gratitude,
Gwen W. Shelbyville, KY