What is HPT?


What is Heart Point Technique (HPT)?

HPT is a spiritual healing modality, working with light
and energy to relinquish and release limiting beliefs,
cellular memories and aberrant patterns from every level
of your being. HPT works in a gently and soothing way to
permanently shift the past, so you can be clear and present
in this moment. Supporting you in your purpose, passion
and heart desires.

HPT is a simple yet extremely powerful tool that heals at the heart
and soul level as it clears and releases the old stories/memories.
When these memories or pattern are released, our cells and beings
open up to new opportunities and allow more love to flow into our
lives and cells.

Imagine creating your hearts desire by simply using
Universal Light and allow the new story of your hearts desire
to unfold!

HPT is a transformational spiritual tool like no other
I have used in the past 20 plus years of healing work.
Rebecca Marina is the creator of HPT.
She is a wonderful Spiritual Teacher, Seer and Energy Healer.
I have been attending her classes and training for the past 6-7 years.

 HPT is a spiritual practice using Incorruptible Divine
Light.  As you learn this wonderful simple process so you
can use this as a tool for improving your life!

Imagine creating your hearts desire by simply using
Heart Point Technique (HPT) to clear out the old stories
with Incorruptible Divine Light and allow
the new story of your hearts desire to unfold!


Benefits of Heart Point Technique

There are many benefits of HPT – clients and students report:

  • Sense of Peace and Clarity
  • Open to Receive – Openness – Space
  • New insights – intuitive skills enhanced
  • Lightness as the feeling of burden was released
  • Alignment with purpose in life
  • Vibrant
  • Simply Transformed

Step into the true essence of who you are!  No matter what your past,
past lives or  ancestry is, HPT can assist you in raising your
vibration and allow
the miracle of you to shine!
Set an appointment now to allow your
light to shine!


DaKara Kies is a gifted Intuitive Master Healer & Sacred Light Alchemist that
specializes in clearing core issues, energy blocks so you can step into your true
purpose, power and passion.  BE the YOU, you are meant to BE! Receive
YOUR Sacred Transformation now!