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Hands on Healer’s Blend


This flower essence combination is designed to open up the channels
and release the healer within. It activates the third eye, opens
clairaudience channels, enhances all psychic abilities, and develops
spiritual healing gifts.

Stimulates channeling healing energies.
Supports a better understanding of conscious information.
Activates the flow of energy through your hands.

Tap into the Healer within by using this blend to open your healing flow.

4 drops under tongue and 2 drops in palm of hands
(rub hands together) just prior to a healing session.
You may feel a warm flow of energy quickly to your hands.

Contains: Purified water, Brandy alcohol
(as preservative), proprietary blend of
flower essences

Hands on Healer Blend 1 fl. oz. Dosage

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DaKara Kies
Flower Essence Practitioner
P.O. Box 4338
Everett, WA 98204