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Planetary Earth Change Essences
Feel the Balance, BE the Balance
A Co-creation with the Ascended Masters, Deva’s and Sirius Beings.


On Fall Equinox, 1995, while anchoring energies from
Mt. Shasta, I was guided to make these very special flower
essences formulas. The blends came to me in meditation.
Each one includes a Tachyon gem elixir, for the vibrations
of universal life force energy, and water from Medicine Lake,
near Mt. Shasta, which is noted for its miraculous healing powers.
As each essence was prepared for bottling, sound vibrations  
were channeled into each bowl, and the essences were potentized.

The Planetary Earth Change Essence is formulated to help facilitate
the healing of the planet and all life, during times of transition.
It helps balance and anchor new energies, activates and unlocks
star codes and raises one’s vibration to a level of Unconditional
LOVE. It also promotes restful sleep during energy fluctuations
and transition. Helps strengthen, balance and repair the auric field,
activates the light body and protects the astral bodies from
etheric energies not serving the light. Excellent for meditation,
as it helps you move to that place of center and focus quickly.


Formulated to help ground negative energies already present in
your aura, your personal space or on the planet. It also acts as a
balancing agent to keep individuals in a state of peace and harmony.
It assists in releasing shock and trauma from the auric field.

This high vibrational blend was created for a smooth transition when
moving from the 3rd to the 5th dimension. As the planet ascends into
5th dimension this formula will bring balance and stability for both
the individual and the planet.

 This essence blend facilitates expanded growth and assists healing
of the individual, animals, our planet, and all plant life on many levels.
Intuition will guide your usage, listen carefullyfor new and expanded
applications. Especially for use in earth healing work and ceremony.
It is a powerful catalyst that will take your spiritual work to a much
deeper level.

Spirit has guided me to combine all 4 blends into one. This is fabulous
news… you can now get the energies from all four blends with one bottle.
Remember with vibrational remedies… what you don’t need simply
flows through your system as there is nothing there to attract or
utilize the energy. I have left the information as given in it’s original form.

Planetary Earth Change Master Blend
1 fl. oz. Dosage


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When Mt. Augustine volcano erupted nearby, my daughter and
I took Planetary Earth Change Essence. My daughter
felt both physically and emotionally stronger and my mysterious back
problem disappeared as fast as it had arrived. Since then, I include
it in our drinking  water.

Recently I forgot to put it in the water while we were both fighting
a cold. My daughter had really tough nights, waking up and crying,
and tossing and turning all night. When I put a few drops of Planetary
Earth Change Essence in our humidifier and let it run all night,
we all slept like logs.

 S. McClure Kenai, AK


In May of 2006, I ordered my first bottle of Earth Changes
remedy. It helped my back pain immediately.
I took it faithfully at first, at the end of June, I started to get
low and reduced what I took. (Too busy to reorder) The
Indonesian tsunami hit,  back pain returned and I ordered
my second bottle today. I plan to take it faithfully from now on.

  I also use Earth Change Remedy in my small fountain on the patio.
Living in the desert, I need to add water every day. When I add the
remedy, I tell the spirit of the water to use the essence in its
next incarnation.

G. Lyndsong Silver City NM

I been out of elixir for a couple of months or so now, but I think
I’m still feeling the positive effects of the mystical experience I
felt when I first took your elixirs. I seem to have a heightened
sense of clairvoyance and have been able to ward off sicknesses
that came upon me. I’m beginning to apply a systematic approach
to using these kinds of spiritual elixirs. I introduced “Moving Up
to 5th” to my baby sister, 40 yrs old, and she also said she experienced
some unusual enhancements of perception. I advised her that the
elixirs were potent vibratory life-resonances and she didn’t need
much to achieve the desired results. I think your elixirs have a very
long-term effect on those that take it, and that they enhance a
person spiritually as the need is revealed by the Higher Self .

V. Duhart Jr

“There is an other-worldly quality in these essences, and the affects
are subtle and delicate. I had fun using my own sense of vibrational
energies when I was choosing an essence. First, I closed my eyes
and held each bottle in my hand, using my intuition to decide
which one was appropriate. It was even easier to sense something
when I used two bottles at a time, holding one in each hand, and
noticing which one “felt” like the right one. I didn’t look at the
labels until I had decided, and each time, I felt confident that
I had selected the right one.”

Karen Crane, Sideline Reviews, New Age Retailer

“The recent earthquake in Seattle gave me the opportunity to
use these flower essence formulas first hand. During the earthquake
I noticed my body feeling nervous and anxious. I quickly took
the “Tremor Relief” and “Earth Shift” essence combinations and
within the next few minutes noticed a shift in energy where
I was feeling a sense of calmness and well being which lasted
over the next couple of days.”

Nancy L., Woodinville, WA

“Since using these essence combinations in the personal formulas
of my clients/animals friends, many of them have moved more
quickly through their issues. I personally feel these essence
combinations were formulated none to soon, with the planets
energy constantly shifting. I have been working with these essences
for the past several months and have felt a sense of higher
vibration and balance.”

 Cheryl Showalter, Flower Essence Practitioner, Vancouver, WA

DaKara Kies
Flower Essence Practitioner
P.O. Box 4338
Everett, WA 98204