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DaKara’s Calming Essence Blend



A Flower Essence Remedy Assisting People to Enjoy Their Life!

Although many of us feel some joy and peace in our lives, stress plays
a major role in our daily living. Sometimes we pick up energies from
others in our work environment, in traffic, while shopping or at times
the trauma and stress we have experienced over our life time continues
to take its toll and trigger us or we attract more stressful situations into
our lives. We might simply live in an environment that is challenging
for us, like a noisy apartment building or work in a noisy environment.
Noise can cause stress in our bodies, beyond what most people think.

We all feel stress and process stress in our bodies differently. Each
person has a different threshold for stress. Or the type of event, issue
or conditions may invoke different kinds of stressful feelings in the
body, heart and mind. Many of us will display emotional symptoms,
like fear, jealousy, irritation, depression, and confusion. We might
also show stress by feeling extreme fatigue, or find our selves whining
or complaining more to our friends and loved ones. Or we may find
ourselves in the negative thinking realm more often than normal.
I know, some people spend all of their time and lives in the negative,
stinking thinking realm, for those individuals, I wish them love, peace
and happiness and I wish to plant a seed that there is another way to
live life on this planet, but you will have to choose to change the parts
within you that have been getting something out of your previous behavior.
Be the observer in your life, use your intuition to recognize how you
evidence stress in your life.

Dakara’s Calming Essence Blend can be given to anyone exhibiting
symptoms of stress.  It is dropped into water, or the drops can be
placed under the tongue.

Dakara’s Calming Essence Blend contains a proprietary formula
which is a combination of flower essences. Each essence works
with different issues. A single bottle of DaKara’s Calming Essence
Blend can strengthen the following qualities in you or your loved one:
a sense of inner knowing, becoming warm, personable, friendly, loving,
lively, happy in group situations, and calm in times of tension. In addition,
there are ingredients to overcome tension, terror, fear of abuse,
excitability, agitation, restlessness, and anger.

What are Flower Essences? They are remedies, preserved in a small
amount of alcohol, which are made from the essence of a flower or
herb. They work on a vibrational level, much like homeopathics, but
are not made with any actual plant material. When ingested, they
help bring a body into harmony with a quality that was in the flower
or herb, such as calmness.



Calming Essence Blend
1 fl. oz. Dosage

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DaKara Kies
Flower Essence Practitioner
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