Legs of Light for Ancestor

Legs of Light for Ancestor

Della called for an appointment.  She felt her money mojo flow was slowing way down.  To the point she was concerned about her future and the energy of fear set in.

As we tuned into the energy of fear around money in Della’s body, she observed a blob of energy sitting in her second chakra.  The ‘blob’ needed the creative star burst of energy in a soft yellowish orange.  Della had a rating of an 8 on a scale of 1-10 (1 being low intensity and 10 being high intensity). Chanting An Nur 15 times we brought down the energy into her second chakra.

The star burst energy radiated a glowing orb in her second chakra.  Della shared that it felt like a door opened.  Her rating was now a 4.  I asked Della if it felt like something was interfering, she said yes!  It felt a band of little beings standing guard to Della’s creative manifesting mojo!

Holding the HPT poise we called forth the energy to clear and release any aberrant patterns, the interfering ‘guards’, and any other energies not serving Della’s highest and best.  A band of Angels (they kind of looked like fairy angels) came swirling down and around Della’s body.  The Angels spent extra time around her second chakra.  I saw a bridge form at her second chakra and span over to an orange velvet basket.  The ‘guards’ marched over the bridge and jumped into velvet basket. As all the guards (interfering energies) jumped into the basket it simply ‘poofed’ and disappeared. Her rating now dropped to a zero.

I felt a deeper connection to something also creating some of the slowing mojo.
Guiding Della to hold the HPT poise and we brought up Della’s time line.  In asking a few questions, we determined there was an energy on her ancestral line. Tuning in further, it was an ancestor on her mother’s side.

As we zoomed back to that ancestor, Della saw a man on a horse and a man on the ground with no legs.  The man on the ground was her ancestor.  His energy was down trotten, broken and hopeless.  He was holding his head down, looking at the ground and wouldn’t raise his eyes to us.  The man on the horse represented an authority figure of some kind.  This had a rating of a 10 plus.

We asked the ancestor what he needed for healing and he said “new legs, filled with hope, ability and determination.”  As we brought forth the needed energies into the high self point of Della’s head, flowing the energy down through the HPT points and out of Della’s heart to her ancestor.  We saw the energy create a new set of legs for the ancestor.  He jumped up on his new legs, spun around looked up at us with a huge smile on his face!  He shouted Whoohoo!  We then activated the legs to create the life he had always wanted or had lost when he lost his legs.  He started running; we could feel the joy emanating from his whole being.

We sent this wonderful energy down the ancestral line to assist all other ancestors.  As Della moved back into her own body she felt the energy rating was at a zero.

I had Della write out this question with her dominate hand “Dear Body, I’m afraid to have money, because?”  Non dominate responded with “it will be to hard to take care of”.  Della felt this energy in her sacrum and right hip (male authority), both rating at a 10.  The sacrum and hip needed loving support, the energy of knowing life can be easy, go with the flow energy.  This showed up as a Golden egg of energy.  The egg was filled with love, support, flow and ease as well as the sound of angels singing in the distance.

As the energy egg floated down, the outer layer of the egg melted down around Della’s entire body.  The inner egg moved down to the heart and further to the cradle of the creation.  The egg the opened and radiated out into the sacrum and hips.  Whew!  Della’s energy shifted dramatically.  Both the hip and sacrum ratings dropped to a zero.

Della shared that she felt a huge shift on several levels of her being.  Later (a few weeks) Della shared that her flow had opened, new and existing clients where coming forth.  New ideas to build her business where flowing, she was grateful and elated.

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