Relinquishing Struggle Book Launch

Thank you for participating in the Archetype Healing 101 launch!
Relinquishing Struggle!
Cancel your contract with the energy of Struggle.

Value $49.95


Are you ready to Relinquish Struggle in your life?

What are you struggling with?
Could it be struggle with the energy of struggle?
Struggle is an invasive energy that we can become so accustom too,
that we don’t even recognize it for what it is…
Resistant energies that can rule our life!

Do you feel struggle with just getting up out of bed in
the morning to start your day?
Do you feel taking care of day to day items or chores is a struggle?
Do you feel life is just to overwhelming that struggle is a main
stay in your life?
IF you answered yes to any of these questions,
I invite you to join me on this no cost Teleclass.

Do you have a contract with Struggle? If so… lets cancel that contract!
You will be guided on a meditative journey to cancel the contract of
Struggle (at least one contract – many of us have multiple contracts –
I will be gifting the recording of the call so you can re-listen to the class
or join in future classes)

Do you have Struggle living so deeply within your cells that it feels like
it has a “HOLD” on your life? Are you ready to let that go?

So you can step more freely, passionately and forward in your life!
So that you can BE on purpose with YOUR Passion!
So everyone in your energy field of influence will be blessed in new ways.

Discover how using light can assist you in relinquishing the energy of
struggle. This can be everyday struggles or it could be something that
has been a life long challenge.

Come to the call with an open mind and
heart so that the love, support and healing you so richly deserve
will be received in the most magical way!

What if the energy of struggle was no longer a part of your life?
What would your life be like, look like, feel like.
Would you be more present with the energy of Joy?

When you let the struggle go, it opens the doors to the wonder
and magic in your life!

When my guides presented this information to me – a whole new world
of possibilities opened up. There will be more classes offered to take this energy
and the tools to a deeper level. How does it get any better than this?