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Dakara’s Calming Essence for Pets
Flower Essence Blend

A Flower Essence Remedy Assisting
Pets enjoy their lives more fully

Imagine, coming home and finding your beloved dog happy and anxiety free. Many
times our pets stress when you are not home. You may usually think of your pets as
happy creatures, for a variety of reasons, pets can suffer from stress and anxiety,
just like people do. Sometimes pets your delightful pet picks up energies from you
and will display some kind of behavior. Other times your dog, cat or other pet may
have a traumatic history, or might simply live in an environment that is challenging
for them, like a noisy apartment building or near road noise or
other stress producing elements.

How will you know if your pet is stressed? Like humans, your pets can display
emotional  symptoms, like fear, jealousy, irritation, depression, anxiousness
and confusion.  They also might show stress by behaviors, such as barking,
snapping and biting, chewing, untimely urination, and more. Of course,
in many circumstances, these are all normal pet behaviors. Your pet must
rely on your powers of observation and intuition to recognize
when they indicate stress

Dakara’s Calming Essence for Pets can be given to any animal exhibiting
symptoms of stress. It is dropped into water, sprayed onto the animal,
placed on the pad of their paws or sprinkled on food.

Pet Calm

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Dakara’s Calming Essence for Pets contains a proprietary formula which
is a combination of flower essences. Each essence works with different issues.
A single bottle of Dakara’s Calming Essence for Pets can strengthen the following
qualities in your pet: a sense of inner knowing, becoming warm, personable,
friendly, loving, lively, happy in group situations, and calm in times of tension.
In addition, there are ingredients to overcome tension, terror, fear of abuse,
excitability, agitation, restlessness, and anger.

What are Flower Essences? They are remedies, preserved in a small amount
of alcohol, which are made from the essence of a flower or herb. They work on
a vibrational level, much like homeopathics, but are not made with any actual
plant material. When ingested, they help bring a body into harmony with a
quality that was in the flower or herb, such as calmness.

Many of my clients have benefited by giving their pets this essence combination.

One client has a cat who spent most of his time finding a new place to urinate
around the house. After one week of using Dakara’s Calming Essence for Pets
he stopped urinating everywhere except the litter box and wasn’t interested in
eating his food unless the Dakara’s Calming Essence for Pets had been placed on it.

Another client has a Pomeranian and he lives with four cats. One day long ago
he decided, he was the master of the cats. He would spend much of his time
bossing them around by barking at them when he felt they were out of line.
When the owner administered the Dakara’s Calming Essence for Pets, he
decided it was time to quietly go take a nap. It never ceases to amaze me
at the many benefits pet owners are reporting.


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You may also decide that a personal blend would be best for your pet.
Some of the types of problems/situations
that maybe resolved with Flower Essences are listed below:

  • Shock, trauma, illness, injury, surgery, emergencies
  • Breaking undue emotional attachments to the caretaker, such as
    whining and moping  dogs waiting for the owner to return
  • Unknown fear or terror in animal
  • Confusion or being overwhelmed when traveling or when there is a
    change in schedule
  • Excessive barking
  • Extreme tension or stress, such as a scared or frightened animal that is trapped
  • Jealous pets, especially when jealousy involves another per vying for
    the attention of the caretaker
  • Before and after a major move; helps to break links to old
    places of residence
  • Animals giving birth
  • Animal that bite
  •   Helping the body to use its own healing forces
  • Lifting the spirits of an animal that is depressed due to
    illness or old age
  • Encourage inter species communication
  • To help animals living together in a group or herd to adjust,
    especially when a new animal has been
    introduced or when a “group” animal become a single pet

These are only some of the behavioral/situations that can be
greatly improved with flower essences.

Bless your pet and yourself with this wonderful formula or a personalized one.
Yes the owners can take it too!

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DaKara Kies
Flower Essence Practitioner
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