New Spirit Journal Readers, I invite you to enjoy one or all of the offerings listed on this page.
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Steps to a new YOU in 2012

FIRST:  Fill in the form to your right to receive
\”Relinquish the Energy of Struggle\”  this recording will guide through several process steps and take you an a meditative journey to assist your well being by relinquishing the energy of struggle.  Listen over and over again to take the energy deeper within your structure.

SECOND: Check out my Mastery Specials
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THIRD:   If you would like to read the entire Case Study
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FOURTH: Are you ready to Manifest your dreams?  Manifesting Candle & Healing Playshop is for you! Pre-Register now – Full details here
We will start by setting intentions and tuning into your personal numerology for the year. Hold up to the light the energy holding you back in manifesting your intent, using HPT.  Create, Play and have fun. Then enjoy a magical meditation to the hall of records to anchor in your wishes, desires and dreams!

FIFTH: Discover the power of working on your own personal growth within a group.  This is an affordable way to receive the loving support your body mind and soul needs for healing and raising your vibration. Sessions are available 3 nights a month.  Two nights a month in South Everett and the first Thursday of the month at Vision Quest.  Visit www.HeartPointHealing.com/everett.html for full details and nightly topics for change! South Everett offers a Skype option for a few people each session.

Visit Heart Point Healing.com for more recordings and upcoming teleclasses!

Looking to Network with others of like mind?

Third Monday of the Month A-N-G-E-L-Network
(A Network Gathering Enriching Lives)
Offers an opportunity to connect with the community and
enrich your life with wisdom from our wonderful speakers.

Full Details here

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Love & Blessings