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Manifesting with the Moon!
Monthly New Moon Manifesting Call to
Enhance your manifesting and life!

Looking for high vibrational remedies to
support you on your journey?

Visit DaKara\’s

There are several blends to lift you up, shift your energy or consider a custom
blend to assist you in gently releasing what is no longer serving you.

October 1st show we talked about Clarity.
Here is a link to your complimentary gift
\”Clearing for Clarity\”


 Discover more about Heart Point Technique,
what the benefits to you are
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Here\’s what you will discover in this eBook:

What is HPT? 

How HPT can benefit you! 

The HPT Points 

Activating the HPT Points 

Chanting – Sound Signature

Basic Protocol for Money 

Below are several short audio files to support you in going
deeper with Heart Point Technique.
Download instructions are listed below

 Creating Sacred Space Audio
Grounding Audio

Tap \”Come into Balance\” Audio

Blessings & Activating the HPT Points\"MP3

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My heart is Grateful to be of service to you!