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Astrology House Information

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1st House
(Acts like Aries)
Self, physical appearance, body and awareness. How others see us.
2nd House
(Acts like Taurus)
Money and Values. How we value our personal resources.
3rd House
(Acts like Gemini)
Communication, teaching, writing, practical mind.
4th House
(Acts like Cancer)
Home, nurturing, family, security.
5th House
(Acts like Leo)
Fun, creativity, children, risk, romance.
6th House
(Acts like Virgo)
Work, duty, service, health.
7th House
(Acts like Libra)
Partnerships, relationships and awareness of others.
8th House
(Acts like Scorpio)
Intimacy, sex, shared resources, letting go, death and endings. Also known as the Marriage house.
9th House
(Acts like Sagittarius)
Higher education and communication, spirituality, philosophy, ideas, travel.
10th House
(Acts like Capricorn)
Career and how we are seen in the world. Recognition.
11th House             
(Acts like Aquarius)
Groups, friends, leaving a legacy. Goals & Harmony.
12th House
(Acts like Pisces)
Secrets, karma, dreams, what we keep hidden from ourselves, past lives. Spiritual Life.

\”Acts like\” means that is the energy of the house based on signs as
they travel around the wheel. Aries starts the year at the spring
equinox in the 1st house. This is another layering of the energies
in your chart.



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