~ DaKara\’s Special Bonus ~

Thank you for your telesummit
package purchase

Work 1 on 1 with DaKara at this special price!

$60.00 off  a 60 minute
$120 off two – 60 minute session
$180.00 off three – 60 minute session
30 minute special!  only $90.00
Long Distant Healing Session
(via Phone or Skype)

Regular $240.00/hour.
You pay $180.00 saving $60.00 per hour

1 Hour $180.00 – save $60
Reg. $240

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 2 Hours $360.00 – save $120
Reg. $480

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 3 Hours $540.00 – save $180
Reg. $720

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30 minute $90.00 – save $30
Reg. $120

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Are you ready to receive what is yours by Divine Right?
Your session time can be used in 30 or 60 minute increments
Deep transformation can shift you from a place of being stuck
into the truth of your purpose.

DaKara is the Queen of  Light Alchemy & Sacred Transformations!
What are you ready to Relinquish in order to receive your heart\’s desire?

NOT SURE what needs to be cleared or released?
DaKara can scan your field, her guides will show us
exactly what needs to be transformed for you!

Are you ready to step into your true life purpose and passion?

It is your time to shine!

Are you ready to step into your full Spiritual Authority and
serve more clients from that capacity?

Awaken the Light within and align with your purpose and
passions that dwell deep within your heart!

 Relinquish limiting beliefs and old aberrant patterns.

Ready to RELEASE the pain of the past?
Relinquish the pain in your body?
The heartache that holds you back?