2014 Numerology & Alignment


Are you ready to jump into the energies of  2014?

Numerology & Alignment Call!

What is your personal new year number?
How does that play with the
Universal Year number 7?

In this call you will be guided in how to
calculate your personal number for 2014. 

How to calculate your personal number for each
day to know what energies are at play for you.

How does your personal number play with the
Universal number 7 of 2014?  You will learn about
the energy of each number and how it over lays
with the number 7 energy.

A powerful clearing and healing using Heart Point
Technique to clear any resistance or blocks and set
forth our intentions for the new year!

What \”Yeah Butts\” are holding you back?
Clear any residual energies of 2013 and
then blast forth with the power and energy
of the new Golden Age.

Stand in your power (are your ready) and enjoy
a powerful Meditation with Snowy Owl
as your guide.  Showing you the wisdom within,
as you journey to the Hall of Records to write
in your book of 2014.


Live call is my gift to you, replay to listen online for 24 is also a gift
I will have the downloadable replay available for a small fee.

Have pen and paper ready to write out your personal number!

Have a glass of water to sip to assist you in moving the energy.

Please share you experiences with me below!

 Replay  ONLY  $11.50
Value $49.95
(So you can listen over and over again!)

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